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Ship Management Services 


Our Objectives, Services, & Values

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To carry your Cargo, 
care for your Ship,
deliver on your Charter commitments and
enhance your
Business Success!...
With a great team of people, 
an excellent attitude to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality...
Strong, secure systems and
every-day focus on, 
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  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Sale & Purchase process
  • Buyer's representatives
  • Delivery / Re-Delivery
  • Insurance advice / placing
  • Crew management
  • Technical management
  • E-Procurement / Logistics
  • Dry-dock management
  • Project management
  • Newbuild supervision
  • Client data portal
  • Port Agency advice
  • Flag / Registry advice
  • Maritime IT, Satcoms and Cyber Security
Image by Thomas Kelley

Highland Values

  • Higher Standards 
  • Lower Costs
  • More Transparent
  • More Reliable
  • Better People
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